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Genres: Crime , Drama , Romance
Actors: Andy Garcia , Christopher Lloyd , William Forsythe , Bill Nunn , Treat Williams , Jack Warden , Steve Buscemi , Fairuza Balk , Gabrielle Anwar , Christopher Walken , Michael Nicolosi , Bill Cobbs , Marshall Bell , Glenn Plummer , Don Stark
Director: Gary Fleder
Country: United States
Year: 1995
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (17005 votes)

Jimmy the Saint’s business is videotaping the terminally-ill, so that they will be around to give ‘Afterlife Advice’ to their survivors. He hasn’t been doing too well lately and has had to turn to loan-sharks to accomodate his failing business, as well as his expensive personal tastes. When an evil gangster-overlord buys up his note and demands a favor of Jimmy, in exchange for the interest that he can’t afford, Jimmy capitulates. Jimmy is to scare someone for the gangster-overlord–really rough them up. Without giving too much away (spoiler), the scene goes down badly and Jimmy and his crew all end up with contracts on their heads for their trouble.

Film Review

Jimmy "The Saint" was a successful mobster who quit and runs unsuccessful legitimate business. His ex-boss offers him to do one more job. Jimmy assembles his old crew for this job but things don't turn the way they were supposed to so boss puts a contract on their lives – giving Jimmy the option to run. However, Jimmy stays to make sure that the rest of the group get safety into hiding.Plot is nothing special on first look, but everything is surprisingly smooth and enjoyable. Real quality reveals itself when you realize that most of the time you can guess what's going to happen in the end but it holds you down with certain charm. Andy Garcia outshines everybody else with his role, holding emotional intensity of film on high level, and is probably one of his best in career. Others (impressive cast) are not far behind, Gabrielle Anwar charming as always and excellent Steve Buscemi in role that, as usual, fits him perfectly.This is truly exceptional movie (and sure…

This is a good movie. What is a good movie then? It is entertaining and has a good story line and is acted out and directed well so that you don't have to do a thing but sit back and let this movie pull you into its world. It doesn't fail on that pull either. You will be introduced to thoughts and ideas in the underworld that are only known by those thugs that hang out there. Of course, these are men and women with a soul too and that is what comes across. Sure, they are on the wrong side of the tracks, but think for a moment that "there go I but for the grace of god" and you will be alright watching them go through their daily messed up lives…There are some stand-out performances and I would say that all actors give them. When it is their turn to act and convince us, they do. This is entertainment. The title throws you off, but after seeing the movie, you make allowances for it. One last thing. If you like malts, you know ice cream malts, well, have a pitcher re…

Jimmy the saint(Andy Garcia) is a former gangster trying to go straight with an "afterlife" business where he videotapes the dying for the surviving relatives and friends. He gets lured back into the crime world for one last job by. Theman with the plan(Christopher Walken). Jimmy recruits Critical Bill(Treat Williams), in his darkest role, and Christopher Lloyd as Pieces. Jimmy and his crew set up an a abduction dressed as police officers and it all goes horribly wrong. The violence is intense, but the black humor is in the style of Quentin Tarantino, crisp and hilarious.Steve Buscemi shows up later on as a hit man, and he has never been better. I won't give away any more of the story but will just say that it is one of the best crime capers I've ever see..